Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium & KCM1

ROC-logo-75x25The Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium (ROC) is an international research group that has come together to collectively study how to better treat victims of cardiac arrest and severe trauma. Because many people who experience these events are first seen by (and have their treatment started by) EMS providers, ROC has partnered with multiple EMS agencies across the United States and Canada to better gather information and try new innovative treatments.

As part of King County EMS, KCM1 has been privileged to take part in multiple ROC studies throughout the years. The recently completed ALPS and CCC studies are only the two most recent ways that our efforts have helped to improve the way that cardiac arrests are treated. With the success of the BLAST and Hypertonic Saline study and the ongoing work involving TXA, the ability to effectively treat traumatic injuries rapidly and safely has also improved.

Our collective understanding of cardiac arrest and severe trauma has dramatically improved over the last decade because of groups like ROC and EMS agencies who are willing to take on the task of collaborating with them. King County Medic One is committed to participating in studies like this in order to improve patient outcomes and looks forward to continuing to do so in the future.